Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Allie X - Prime (Video)

After introducing Allie Hughes in February with her debut song Catch under her new pop star monicker Allie X, yesterday her second tune Prime was uploaded to the internet. Here are 5 simple facts that you need to know about this song and the lady in question if you haven’t heard it yet and are about to press play. 

1. The You Tube stream below features a looping GIF style video that we managed about thirty seconds of watching before realising that this was not good visual stimulation for our eyes.

2. The song sounds just a little bit bonkers, with Allie X singing in a ‘me, I’m slightly crazy’ style that quite a lot of pop ladies from the 80’s used to do – everyone from Toni Basil to Kate Bush to Toyah for example. 

3. There’s also a vague comparison musically with The Knife before they went fully art-pop.

4. Apparently Katy Perry tweeted about Allie X’s Catch. We’re not sure if this is really news as quite often there is some sort of label or management connection when established pop stars tweet about relatively new acts, but we’ll give Katy the benefit of doubt – maybe she was reading Breaking More Waves and found out about Allie X there?

5. This song is pretty damn hooky and despite being a pure pop record seems to have met with the approval of plenty of indie sites that we wouldn’t expect to see posting about pop music, which we guess means she's currently a 'credible' pop star, whatever that is.

Allie X - Prime (Video)

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