Friday, 21 March 2014

Broods - Bridges (Video)

The song that introduced us all to Broods was Bridges, just one of the tracks you can find on their debut EP. Yesterday the New Zealand duo released this video for the song. Here’s all you need to know about the plot:

The son of Dr Spock from Star Trek and one of The Inspiral Carpets is sad. (0.07) Well, wouldn’t you be if you had two fathers and had inherited their looks? He’s also a vampire and that pisses him off as well because he really fancies chicken kiev but that’s full of garlic. So he hangs out with Marika Hackman’s sister who is advertising happiness lessons to cheer himself up. (0.12) After a naughty cigarette (0.22) Marika’s sister (let’s call her M-Sis) admires the large testicles of professional footballer Ryan Giggs (0.33) albeit on a figurine rather than the real thing. Spock-son is jealous of Giggs and his unfeasabily large testicles so when he sees him walk buy, he discharges a big load of gob over him in anger. (0.49) Next whilst M-Sis dreams of spiders (0.59), Spock-son dreams of blowing her brains out (1.08). M-Sis thinks that Spock-son needs help with his violent and angry tendencies and so takes him to church where to make him more balanced she teaches him some gymnastics (1.24) and a spot of drama where they act out parts of Titanic.(1.32) Spock-son is let down though as M-Sis refuses to participate in the scene where Kate Winslet is drawn naked and further disappointment ensues when M-Sis refuses to pole dance in her underwear, despite Spock-son promising a large amount of money to her. (1.38 ) So they fight, with pillows, and during this fight Spock-son reveals his true vampiric self (2.00) only to greeted with the revelation that she is also a vampire and one of higher status than him. (2.03) After taking a nice juicy bite (2.10) but refusing him one M-Sis leaves to go back to Vampire Queen Marika Hackman (2.31) and write a song about her experiences, (quite possibly called Itchy Teeth) whilst Spock-son goes looking for Lorde who because of her goth-teen looks he suspects may also be a vampire of equal stature. Entering a room with dry ice and pot plants he may have stumbled upon the end of Lorde’s Team video and so can finally can declare himself a Vampire Lord. 

On the other hand, maybe this is just the classic boy / girl friendzone situation and poor old Spock-son is left lovelorn and lonely. He certainly burned his bridges here.

Broods - Bridges (Video)

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