Monday, 17 March 2014

Anna McLuckie - Get Lucky

Joanna Newsome doing Daft Punk’s Get Lucky? Nearly….

It’s not very often you’ll find a song from a UK TV talent show being featured on Breaking More Waves, but as the lines between art and commerce become increasingly blurred (hi all the 1000’s of artists who performed at last week’s heavily branded and corporate SXSW) sometimes it’s necessary to distance oneself from the ever increasing stranglehold that big-money business evil-endorsement has and just focus on the music. 

This is where the delightfully named Anna McLuckie daintily skips in with her harp-tastic version of one of the most ubiquitous songs of 2013 (well done her parents on even managing to give her a surname that matched the song). Her performance of the tune on The Voice (which because of the unique way the BBC is funded is free from the likes of Dorito whoring that occurred at SXSW)  has now received over 4 million views on You Tube. Today, after being knocked out of the competition, Anna has uploaded a full recording studio version of the song to Soundcloud. There’s a beautifully innocent charm to this show stealing song and that’s why irrespective of if Anna had appeared on The Voice or we’d discovered her in some half empty pub playing to a disinterested crowd on a rainy Tuesday night we would still be featuring this song on Breaking More Waves.

Anna McLuckie - Get Lucky

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