Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Night V1 - Sienna

There was a time in the not so distant past when this blog, despite receiving way less traffic than it does now, got quite a few comments at the bottom of each post. We guess it says something about the way that the internet has changed, where often readers and listeners click and swipe between sites so quickly that pausing to leave a comment just isn’t ‘the thing’ anymore. In fact we get more comments about our blog posts via Twitter than we do the blog itself, which is a shame in some ways as there’s only so much you can say in 140 characters.

For example this comment certainly wouldn’t have fitted on Twitter:

“the person that writ this blog, needs to go back to mcdonalds. incredibly annoyingly writ, un funny, un entertaining, bull shit. talk about the band, the music, not 3 paragraphs of nonsense, then a sentence explaining that the band, are in fact, quite good. people like you do not deserve to write things on the internet for poor, innocent eyes to read. go back to school, and learn how not to be a dick.”

We had a good chuckle at that one. 

It was in relation to our first blog post on The Night (now known as The Night VI) way back in August 2012. So we hope that ‘Anonymous’ with their bad spelling and grammar isn’t reading this post either because as you can see we’re writing once again about issues that aren’t directly about the band or the music. Why? Here's a simple explanation that underpins this blog:

This blog is our own personal blog – a hobby blog if you want. It’s not intended to be a tool for journalism, music criticism or a source for A&R - it's just the inner workings of our brain. (We had a go at criticism a few years ago and decided that if we weren't getting paid, spouting negative opinions in long articles was a pointless activity. We’ll leave that to others and spend our spare time spreading positivity about the music we adore.) If you don’t like it that’s cool, go and read one of the 100’s of other new music blogs who just write about the music and the band every time. That’s not what we always do. Call it a unique selling point if you want. We’re beholden to nobody and the day we start compromising what we write about or what we feature because it’s what we’re ‘meant to do’ in the eyes of others is the day that we lose any pleasure in writing it and if it’s not enjoyable, we might as well give up.

So rant / waffle / blog-navel gazing piece over here are The Night VI  with their new song Sienna, a beautiful but quite sad song where lead singer Sophie politely wishes happiness for an ex who has found a new love; and there lies one of the lessons of the heart - you can never quite tell what the future holds – wishes of getting married in that orange grove just may never occur. Sienna makes heartache sound unbelievably lovely. The Night VI are obviously just very nice people. (Unless of course we find that the next single release is called You're A Sh*t And We Hope You Die Horribly.) Released through cool new boutique label Duly Noted (who were also responsible for releasing Iyes single ‘Til Infinity) on 28th April the track can also be purchased on iTunes right now.

Please feel free to leave comments about how incredibly annoying this blog post was, but also press play, enjoy the music and if you do like it buy the record. 

The Night VI - Sienna

Footnote : You might also want to leave a comment stating 'what dick posted this' after the original post contained the wrong song - bloody amateur bloggers.


Anonymous said...

Hey "Breaking More Waves" if that is even your real name. This post is TERRIBLE. Where are the sexual analogies? How am I supposed to know how I feel about a song when it's described in terms of feelings and facts not shags? I for one am massively disappointed. People like you do not deserve to write things on the internet for poor, not-so-innocent-anymore eyes to read.


Scryst said...

That was equally brilliant and annoying, mainly annoying though, no in fact it was 100% annoying. You're a dick. McDonalds is too good for you. Go and sit in a derelict Wimpy you slime.

That's what you wanted wasn't it?

Good points though well made in your direct style as ever Robin.

Adam Alphabet Bands said...

How does one go about 'upvoting' these comments?

Both are infinitely better and more entertaining than the original post whish was clearly written by a dick.


Andy Von Pip said...

Yo, Robyn u be a dick, u be trolling for comments. Well eye is not fallin' 4 it....

Aye ;)

Oh erm...

Al H said...

Hopefully by now you are satisfied but if not let me spell it out for you

U. R. A. DICK.

Unknown said...

I love your ramble posts, that's why I read this rather than other music blogs. This so g is far to happy for the subject matter, killing you into a false sense of security