Thursday, 13 March 2014

Laura Welsh - Betrayal (Video)

Welcome to today’s musical cookery lesson. Today we’ll be learning how to make the song Betrayal in the style of Laura Welsh, which is not an ‘official single release’ which we guess means that although it is a single song and has been released officially to the internet, it’s probably not going to be available to buy.

Here’s the recipe:

1 large mug full of the pianos from Adele’s Hometown Glory and Someone Like You

1 spoon of Jakwob producing

Plenty of video clips that look like found footage 

100g of Emile Sandé sounds

1 pinch of Florence & The Machine drum bashing atmospherics

Place all of the above into a mixing bowl and stir vigorously, apply a tiny bit of heat, then when the correct balance has been obtained pour onto the internet and press play. Delicious.

Laura Welsh - Betrayal (Video)


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