Thursday, 21 June 2012

Smoke Fairies - She Sells Sanctuary

Originally released as part of a limited edition 5 track covers EP exclusive to Rough Trade store to accompany their recent Blood Speaks album, the Jack White approved Smoke Fairies have now uploaded to the internet their version of goth / rock 80’s dancefloor stormer She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult. Instead of copying the ballsy whip-your-hair-around energy of the original ( which featured one of the most fist-pumping guitar intros ever) The Some Fairies take the song to a place full of languid and sweeping mysticism,  a dark foggy marsh where a lone wraith-like hooded figure stands rowing a boat towards you perhaps. Dare we mention Clannad? Well there’s certainly something in Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire’s vocals that hint of the Irish band a little, but whatever it reminds you of the song is undeniably enchanting.

The Some Fairies - She Sells Sanctuary

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david said...

thanks eh. extraordinary.