Friday, 15 June 2012

Delilah - Inside My Love

Delilah’s blend of sultry soul pop has become a pretty regular feature on Breaking More Waves so we figure it’s time for some more. Inside My Love was originally performed by Minnie Ripperton, best known for the classic Lovin’ You which reached no.2 in the UK charts back in 1975. It’s such a shame that Lovin’ You was Ripperton’s only UK hit, blessed as she was with such a wonderful voice, but she died in 1979 of breast cancer at the young age of just 31, a life and a talent cut tragically short.  When your ears are first caressed by the original of Inside My Love, you’d have to hate music to not admit that it is an exquisite and really rather sexy late-night song. If you’ve never heard it, give yourself a valuable education in beauty by clicking here.

Maybe now Delilah can bring further recognition to this wonderful song with this honey coated recording. “You can see inside me, will you come inside me, do you wanna ride inside my love?,” she seductively asks and frankly if she was singing this to us, we’d find it difficult to say no.

Delilah’s album From The Roots Up will be released on 30 July. 

Delilah - Inside My Love


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Bazgradełko said...

You really made my day and made my ear with Delilah. It's my first listen and I'm completely fell in love. I wrote about her at my blog (and linked to you, of course). Thanks a lot! And by the way - I love your blog ♥