Saturday, 2 June 2012

Little Boots - Headphones (Todd Edwards Remix) + Mix Tape

In the 80’s it wasn’t uncommon for an artist to release a new single as 12” extended version to the clubs (or discos as they were more commonly known then) before the standard 7” went to radio. The idea was broadly along the lines that by the time radio DJ’s started playing the song those listening would recognise it from their nights out on the town and that the familiarity with the song was more likely to make the listener warm to the track, like it and buy it.

Whilst the internet has slowed down change in pop music (see here for an explanation of that) the time we spend with any one record before moving on to the next seems to have sped up. It’s probably the reason why these days it’s more common for the artist to release the single proper first and then follow it up with a slew of remixes – to keep interest going that little bit longer.

So it makes a welcome change for Little Boots to do it the other way round. Forthcoming single Headphones is a hip-shaking-sing-a-long blinder, but before we get to that she drops this dance floor friendly remix from Todd Edwards and brings back the word disco as well. Following on from Shake and Every Night I Say A Prayer Little Boots has got us grooving all over again; this old school club vibe suits her. We also hear rumours of another remix floating round somewhere by another Breaking More Waves favourite disco dolly Ronika; now that’s what we call exciting.

Besides the remix there’s also a rather splendid near 43 minute ‘Jubilee Mix Tape’ from the Vixter for you to thrust your hips to this weekend, so grab that while you can. It’s free to download.

Little Boots - Headphones (Todd Edwards Remix)

Little Boots - Jubilee Mix Tape

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