Sunday, 3 June 2012

Little Boots - Headphones

Yesterday on the blog there was the remix. Today here comes the real thing. A proper danceable sounds-like-it-should-be-a-hit-if-only-radio-would-play-it pop song. This is Little Boots redefining her position from geeky synth pop girl to something a little closer to the likes of Kylie, Sophie Ellis Bextor etc etc. Expect a big new gay audience and maybe a bit of a cult following rather than the mass audience that winning the BBC Sound of 2009 poll expectation suggested.

Just imagine how good it would be if we all went down to the worst fart and lager stinking indie club, where the DJ is still playing The Kooks or The Pigeon Detectives, insisting that Take Her Back is the best song of the previous decade. We'd be armed with  iPods and headphones and the moment the DJ played Eddie's Gun or Golden Touch we'd all put the headphones on and blast this out instead?

As the Vickster says, let’s all dance to the beat in our head. This is Headphones by Little Boots

Little Boots - Headphones

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'The Vickster' lol