Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Noonie Bao - New Waves

Originally signed to EMI publishing in her teens before a parting of ways, Sweden’s Noonie Bao now flies solo and pays homage to 2manyDJ’s as well as her own pale skin and red hair with her self-owned record label 2many Freckles. The fact that Noonie is from Sweden is important because her music sits somewhere between the electronic  va-va-voom of Robyn and the left-of-centre kookiness of the debut Lykke Li album. Alongside Years Away who we featured yesterday it seems that scandipop just can’t help itself; the goodness just keeps on coming.

The full back story with Noonie Bao involves musical parents and studying at the Stockholm Conservatory of Music before quitting to spend time in a mountain village in Switzerland where she recorded songs in a piano store on a dictaphone. Next came a move to Paris to work in a recording studio before the deal with EMI and some song writing work with other artists. At the start of this year debut single About To Tell was released – a strange but compelling mix of oriental sounding pop, piano, tribal drums and even a touch of saxophone. We're streaming a rather touching stripped back acoustic version of the song below. Now it's followed by new single Do You Still Care a powerful and uplifting tune which is a little like the off kilter pop of Alex Winston, with a colourful video shot in Vrindavan, a few hours outside New Dehli, India. 

We’ve got to hand it to you Sweden, in the UK we’ve always fancied ourselves at the experts in making pop music and understanding it better than any other country does, but it looks like it may be time to hand over our crown to you.

Noonie Bao - About To Tell (Acoustic Live)

Noonie Bao - Do You Still Care (Video)

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