Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Deap Vally - New Waves

Like somebody ripping apart a wound with a guitar Deap Vally (no spelling mistake plus it's good for Google searching) sound raw. Their music makes the kind of primal, dirty holler that grabs the nastiest (and therefore best) bits of The White Stripes, Sleigh Bells, Joan Jett, The Datsuns, Led Zeppelin and Suzi Quatro and bangs them into your eardrums with a musical hammer. When you begin to bleed you’ll probably enjoy the pain.

The story goes that Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards met at needlework class, where we can only presume they were learning to sow soul shredding guitars and hard hitting drums together than how to stich a pretty dress. In their short time as a duo they've already courted the attention of a certain Josh Homme, whose Eagles of Death Metal invited them to open for their shows in LA.

Their opening gambit is Gonna Make My Own Money. It’s vulgar, visceral and brutal sounding, the kind of out-of-fashion rock 'n' roll song that makes you want to get trashed, get sweaty and get naked with the wrong sort of guy or girl. It will be available through Ark recordings on July 30th but for now you can grab the track as a free download from the Soundcloud below. This is filthy good. 

There's also a straight up performance video of another song called Baby I Call Hell - all alt.blues electric guitar and hair shaking drumming in a room covered in newspapers. That's even filthier.

Parents, lock your sons up - Deap Vally are coming to get them. Starting on July 11th at the Old Blue Last in London before hitting Hyde Park with Soundgarden and Iggy & The Stooges, Latitude Festival and Reading & Leeds Festivals.

Deap Valley - Gonna Make My Own Money

Deap Vally - Baby I Call Hell (Video)

Deap Vally - Baby I Call Hell from Welcome To The West on Vimeo.

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