Thursday, 21 June 2012

Purity Ring - Fineshrine

Here’s an admission. We hardly ever read or visit Pitchfork. If that makes you think that we’re not serious about our music, well that’s fine. If we all get too worthy it will become a chore rather than a pleasure and then we’re all done for. However, on one of our rare visits to the revered site we did discover Purity Ring.

The Canadian duo has been getting a lot of attention from the blogosphere with each single release they put out. But blog attention doesn’t always equate to real life popularity. The latest buzz band may be riding the hype-highway to hell with internet adoration and Pitchfork 9.8’s out of 10 but when it comes to live shows they can still end up playing to one man and his dog in a stinking boozer in Cardiff on a damp Monday night. However, Purity Ring do seem to be managing to transfer some of the world wide web fervour to bums on seats; a recent packed sold-out gig at Madame Jo-Jo’s in London is some evidence of that. We need to be mindful though that the venue capacity is only 200 people. If they had been playing in Dundee or the above mentioned Cardiff how many tickets would they have sold there? In a random survey of ten people in a pub in our home city of Portsmouth only one of them had heard of Purity Ring (the band) and only because he read about them on this blog. Breaking More Waves - more influential than Pitchfork in a certain pub in Portsmouth perhaps? 

Fineshrine is the latest teaser from the group prior to the release of their album Shrines. Within 8 hours of the song being released 25 Hype Machine listed blogs (mainly American) had posted the track and no doubt countless others have done so as well. Probably by the time you read this (written the night before it’s posted, because at Breaking More Waves we’ve never been bothered or have the available free time to be ‘the first to post’ and prefer to provide a small amount of regular daily content which we have to schedule to fit in with our busy non-internet life) plenty of other blogs will have jumped on board. There’s a simple reason for this; because Purity Ring are infectiously good. Cute-glitchy r ‘n’ b influenced electronica with sweet melodies and hooks as displayed by this latest offering. Enjoy the sounds of Fineshrine. It’s worth the buzz. 2012 looks like it could be their year.

Purity Ring - Fineshrine 

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