Thursday, 17 May 2012

Summer Camp - Life

Music appreciation is made up from the fabric of relationships. The relationships we have with songs, with bands, the people we go to gigs with; they’re all bonded through the emotions of love, hate, sexy one night stands and intimate long termism’s.

The internet has changed relationships though. Facebook and other social networks have given many people the sense of having many of them, but the depth and quality is actually very superficial. Our relationship with music is similar; it's now one of constant turnover. We see music bloggers making proclamations of how they adore a particular new record or artist and yet just a few months later they’ve ditched that music for something shiny and new. We recently asked on twitter a high profile 'buzz' blogger about an artist (Lana Del Rey) that at the start of the year he was proclaiming almost undying love for. He admitted that in the last three months he hadn’t played her album at all. This it seems is how some people live with music these days. Everything is becoming a short term shallow f*ck.

Ladies and gentleman we are living in the upgrade generation where for many, nothing holds any lasting emotional value any more.

As a music blog we fully recognise we have the potential to be part of the problem with our constant posting of new music. Yet so are musicians, who with modern technology can create and upload to the internet the wealth of new music that is out there. And as soon as something is available on line, somebody will hear it, blog it, tweet about it or post it through one of the hundreds of other channels that are now available. Just like the first hot adrenalin flushes of a relationship where two people meet and are attracted to each other, when you hear something incredible, something exciting, something that thrills your heart you want to tell the world about it.

Not only are we living in the upgrade generation we’re part of the sharing generation, created through the code of the web.

So today we’re sharing the new Summer Camp song with you. It’s called Life.

But our relationship with Summer Camp is not a one night stand, far from it. When they first appeared on line with a bunch of smudged washed out 80’s pop referencing songs we didn’t find them attractive at all. Interesting possibly, but not attractive. Yet as time has gone on they’ve become ever more appealing. In December 2011 their debut album Welcome To Condale almost made our Top 10 of the year and if we rewrote that list now it would have found a place in it. The first time we saw them live we certainly weren’t dazzled, but their recent headline show at the Scala in London bowled us over with goodness.

Our point here is that sometimes all of this upgrading and sharing means that we can easily dismiss something and never return. As we’ve said before the most important ingredient of good music and great artists is time. We wonder if one of our favourite bands of all time – The Cure – would have ever stood a chance of the long term if they’ve had if they had been born out of the internet age. Would they have been quickly upgraded for something else?

So listen to Life below. To our ears it sounds like Giorgio Moroder has discovered an indie vampire disco. It’s taken from a new 5 track EP called Always which will be released on July 9th. If you like what you hear why not buy the EP and then in six months, if you’ve moved on to your new fancy, remember this blog post, dig out the EP and give it a spin. It might even sound better than you remembered it the first time.

Summer Camp - Life

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