Thursday, 10 May 2012

Queen Of Hearts - Neon (Video)

We’ve always liked Queen of Hearts as much for her visual aesthetic as her musical one. We simply couldn’t imagine this lady pulling on a once white, now grey, saggy pair of pants, a pair of ‘comfortable’ tracksuit bottoms and her boyfriend’s baggy T-Shirt and slouching round the house. But then that’s the beauty of pop music – it’s all about fantasy. It’s why Kylie will always be a better pop star than Tulisa for example – because with Tulisa we’ve seen too much. It’s also why even although we know Queen of Hearts real name we refuse to state it here – because it would lessen the fantasy.

Yesterday Queen of Hearts released her new video for Neon, and added a little to that fantasy – albeit a slightly weird and warped fantasy, but still a visually appealing one. So what can we make of it? Well, the Queen appears to be sitting in a demolition site and there are some dirty men prancing around. And a bath.

Now logic would dictate that eventually the dirty men would reach the bath, have a good scrub down and spruce up quite nicely into sprightly sexy young things. But no, the Queen herself does the bath thing. With her clothes on. She therefore becomes the second pop person to take a bath whilst fully clothed that we’ve featured on this blog– the first being Charli XCX (here). It’s like some very odd dream (or maybe we should call it a fantasy) but either way it’s visually pleasing and Neon remains a cracking song (see our original post on it here).

Queen of Hearts - Neon (Video)

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