Wednesday, 2 May 2012

BIGkids - Superhero (Video)

This is the new (slightly disturbing) video from BIGkids in which some small kids act all big and make us realise that actually the way some adults behave is pretty small, soundtracked by a song sung by an adult saying that she’s going to be a superhero when she grows up. 

Watch out for the amazing (if you can call vomit amazing) green sick just after the 1.30 point and lots of clever little touches to the video (the superhero statues in the boys bedroom, David Bowie posters (“we could be heroes just for one day?”), the way the sick scene accompanies the line “I’m sick of feeling small,”, the transformation from child to adult during crowd surfing etc etc etc.

Let’s not get distracted by the chunder though, it’s ultimately about the song isn’t it? And the song is sick. Mr Hudson and Rosie Oddie have thrown up the goods here. Superhero is an infectiously catchy squelchy fun pop tune that sounds like a proper hit, if only radio would grab hold of it. Embrace your inner child and enjoy BIGkids. 

BIGkids - Superhero (Video)

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