Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hervé feat. Ronika - How Can I Live Without You (Make It Right) (Video)

We’ve posted about Ronika before on Breaking More Waves. Here’s another post. This multiple posts thing makes us suspect that we are signing up to the Ronika fan club.

Earlier this year we mentioned that Ronika is not the tallest of pop stars, but as we all know that never did Kylie Minogue any harm, or Nik Kershaw for that matter. (Go look him up kids - your pop music knowledge isn’t complete until you’ve heard Wouldn’t It Be Good, I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me and have memorized all of the words to The Riddle. Just avoid Radio Musicola where tricky Nik went for a Level 42 style funk work out and forgot to write a decent song)

Now here is another important and exclusive fact about Ronika that we recently discovered when she supported Little Boots at Xoyo in London. Ready ? OK, here we go….


This we can only conclude is because the best pop stars never sweat. Sweating is left to dirty smelly indie bands. When we saw Shed Seven in Amsterdam once their lead singer smelt of wee. We also once shook hands with a member of The Klaxons after a show in Portsmouth and there was a distinct stench of unpleasant body odour coming from his direction. Interestingly we once stood next to Simon from Blue at a funeral reception in Ironbridge, Shropshire and he smelt exquisitely good.

How Breaking More Waves gets so close to these pop and indie types and gets a good sniff is a closely guarded secret. But for now enjoy Ronika jamming with Hervé on this very 90’s old school track called How Can I Live Without You (Make It Right), which alas isn’t available in smellovision.

Hervé feat. Ronika - How Can I Live Without You (Make It Right) (Video)

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