Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Hall of Mirrors - Bittersweet Love

They’ve already been described as Julie Andrews in hell (by Paul Lester in The Guardian), cutesy dream pop (by our favourite blog sister Flying With Anna) and a delicate spoonful of sugar adventure of pretty tunefulness (by ourselves) but those last words were written a long time ago, in 2009. Yet it seems that it’s only now that The Hall Of Mirrors are slowly beginning to pick up the media attention that they deserve. At least there’s no question of the group being a hype band, shoved onto the scene with no time to develop or write a decent collection of songs. We’ve seen plenty of examples of that over the last few years and it’s still happening now, with the blog pack mentality slavering over identikit sounding groups who haven’t had the chance to learn the craft of how to play or write (other than one or two pretty good tracks ). Bands end up playing to expectant industry types in London on just their third gig only to end up ignored and forgotten within the year. So many potentially great bands are destroyed by the sharing / upgrade generation; developing in public isn’t always an easy or good thing.

Thankfully Hall Of Mirrors are emerging gracefully. They may not be fully there yet, but they’re better positioned than many bands are.

This is a new video for their song Bittersweet Love, a candyfloss collage of dark psychedelia, sixties referencing pop and easy listening. It’s likely to make you feel uneasy even if you adore it – but then when has love ever been simple? Lead singer Jessica certainly seems to want to have it her own way. “Bittersweet love will satisfy. You want me? Bittersweet love will satisfy. Well I don’t need you. Bittersweet love will satify. Come here and kiss me. Bittersweet love will satisfy. You know you want too. Bittersweet love will satisfy. Of course I don’t love you,” she coos.

The band will play The Guardian New Band of the Day show at The Camden Barfly on the 14th June but before that Jessica continues to model a ‘Chair of the week’, one of which is pictured above, over on the bands website.

The Hall of Mirrors - Bittersweet Love

The Hall of Mirrors - Bittersweet Love (Video)

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