Thursday, 17 May 2012

Foxes - Let Go For Tonight

Foxes aka Louisa Rose Allen, the Southampton born now London based 22 year old has been a regular fixture on Breaking More Waves since we first put her name up in lights last August when she was still using her real name. Since then we’ve discussed her name change ( the potential confusions with Lucy Rose and Lily Allen were always going to be too much) and her new name (that disorientates some even more with Brighton band Foxes! loitering around). So just to cap off and seamlessly link this all together we finally got to see Foxes (the female solo one not the Brighton band) in Brighton last weekend at the Great Escape. We hope that everyone who turned up to see her was in the room for the same reasons we were.

What we managed to confirm during Foxes performance was that

1. Despite an intense sauna like heat in the venue Foxes still looked cool. The woman appears not to sweat at all.

2. Foxes can sing. This might be a very obvious point for a singer, but some can’t.

3. Foxes band members must have something wrong with their body temperature controls because just before their set started, despite the intense heat, THEY PUT ON COATS.

4. Foxes has some good songs in her arsenal. Echoes and Night Owl Early Birds were our particular favourites.

5. Foxes likes waving her arms around a bit and wiggling a tiny bit. Which is good, because it makes her look like a pop star rather than just a singer. No dancing though

What we didn’t establish at the gig but what we did through one of those press release things that bombard our email in box over 100 times a day is that Foxes is soon to unleash her Warrior EP on the 2nd of July via Neon Gold Records on a 7-inch vinyl and digital EP. This demo version of Let Go Tonight will be one of the songs on it. It’s a piano based stormer that is screaming out for crashing drums and towering synth sounds to truncheon their way in, but for the moment things are kept simple.

Foxes - Let Go For Tonight

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