Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Swiss Lips - Danz (Video)

The iconic image of The Smiths outside the Salford Lads club was used on the sleeve of the Queen is Dead vinyl album. Now who is this chap in this video outside the same building and other locations? It’s certainly not Morrissey returned, although he does pull some nifty dance moves that we’re sure Mozza would be proud of.

Whoever this long grey haired groover is he certainly seems to be enjoying the sounds of Swiss Lips and their dancetastic version of hooky electronic pop that will probably find favour with those who enjoy the likes of Fenech Soler or first album MGMT. Whilst the video is new, a demo version of Danz has been on line at Soundcloud for some time and this new version certainly doesn’t show any radical changes; the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it rule applies here. 

We’re not sure about the spelling of the word dance by the band – it either suggests lack of attention at school that has led to very poor spelling skills or alternatively that Swiss Lips are misspelling on purpose to show how cool and edgy they are, rather like Prince who we can all agree was the master of bad spelling. Remember Take Me With U? Or Gett Off? Eye Hate U? U Got The Look? Terrible, terrible, spelling that deserved to find Prince at the back of the class if it wasn’t for the fact that his music at its best was absolute genius. In fact Swiss Lips also have a track U Got The Power so it seems very possible that they’re big Prince fans as well.

For now we’re letting them off as well. What do U think kidz?

Swiss Lips - Danz (Video)


Rain said...

Breaking More Waves and no mentioning of the double meaning of that name, what happened?

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Simple - mentioned it in a previous post


Rain said...

My bad. I should have known.