Sunday, 27 May 2012

D-E-W-L - New Waves

Today’s musical recipe involves 1 part glitch pop, a quarter of a Beach Boys ‘wee-oo’, 2 parts gentle crooning r ‘n’b flavours and 1 part late-night creamy smooth smoochiness mixed together, before whisking in  a measure of gospel styled backing vocal chanting and a hint of noise. Pop that all onto the internet for a few months and voila, you have created Red Velvet by D-E-W-L. Who are D-E-W-L ? Well that’s for the internet detectives to find out, but our Google searches tell us that they may be a duo (there’s certainly two people in the jars in their only available photo), they may be from South London and they have definitely remixed St Lucia; other than this scant information D-E-W-L have left very little trace of who they are. The only other clue are the latin words dirige omnis cum luminum on their Facebook page which translates as 'direct all the lights'. What does it all mean ? Does anybody actually care ?

The mystery band concept has been discussed (and done) to death. It’s easy to understand why groups try this approach, the speed at which everything is shared on the internet being absurdly fast and open. Holding identities back gives some sort of personal protection to those creating the music, whilst at the same time, if the music is good, increasing the hype or anticipation of the full reveal; except that often the full reveal leaves a sense of anti-climax, like a hot sexy date abruptly ended by a premature ejaculation. Let’s hope that D-E-W-L don’t keep us waiting too long for some more information, so we can all just move on and concentrate on the music, which if it’s as seductively good as Red Velvet, could be worth spending some time with.

D-E-W-L - Red Velvet

St Lucia - All Eyes On You (D-E-W-L Remix)

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