Thursday, 10 May 2012

Laura Welsh - Call To Arms

Call To Arms is the third track by Laura Welsh to be released to the internet and the third to be featured on Breaking More Waves. Here we find her singing to a partner who seems to be taking more than they give, but admitting that up till now she hasn’t had the inner strength to voice her worries. “I concede I know I have a tendency to agree, than question what you do.  And I can see that there’s an expectancy to see in me what you want to,” she purrs. The chorus is her hope, with Laura trying to work things out between them. “I wonder what you’re doing when you’re out all night, I can’t stand it, this is not a call to arms, this is a chance to hold on tight, come on honey let’s put these wrongs to right.”

The mood of the song is perfect with its abandoned melancholy piano accompanied by hopeful string sounds and uplifting power ballad drums. We can only hope that whoever the song is aimed at listens to Laura’s question of can you see the wood from the trees? It is lovely lonely stuff with just the right amount of force and restraint.

Right now its free to download below and there's a video as well which features footage from a short film by Eddie O'Keefe called The Ghosts which is a tale of love in surburbia as a young girl falls for the cool gang in town. 

Laura Welsh - Call To Arms

Laura Welsh - Call To Arms (Video)

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