Monday, 30 April 2012

Worship - Leviathan

There’s not a lot of humour in the printed words of those who write about the genres of indie / rock music is there? It’s as if having a joke just isn’t appropriate for the material; in order to be seen as taking the music seriously it’s necessary to write earnestly about it. Yet with pop music it’s perfectly acceptable to have a giggle.

Worship sound very serious. They have observed the Rules of Rock Chapter 3, para 6.7 which clearly describes the method for obtaining the perfect degree of solemnity to your music. Yet take a look at the photo of the band accompanying this post. There are two things of note. First and most importantly, whereas previously Worship was a four piece they now appear to be down to three. Secondly notice how only two of the band look very serious. These two seem to understand in that in order to create densely moody electronic influenced rock music you need to look the part and that means NO SMILING. But there’s a traitor in the midst. For lead singer Tim has a definite grin breaking out. If we were either Jordan or Tom we’d be examining his MP3 player very closely. We reckon he might be COMMITING THE CARDINAL SIN and be sneakily listening to happy sounding major label pop music. He’s probably in his bedroom right now learning dance routines to Katy Perry videos and will soon be suggesting that maybe the band should take more influence from Lady Ga Ga. In fact whilst we were enjoying (yes enjoying !!!) the gloomy, atmospheric brilliance of Worship’s new free download Leviathan, the ‘wub-wub dubstep influence’ klaxon sounded a little. Surely an indicator of nights in listening to the UK Top 40 singles?

So sorry readers if we haven’t written anything serious about the music (or the music at all) in this blog post, but when the music is seriously good (as this is) all we really want you to do is listen. Now has anyone got Katy Perry’s number? Maybe she would fancy doing a remix?

Worship - Leviathan


Andy Von Pip said...

Oh I dunno, I always piss myself when I think of Thom Yorke's hilarious "Lotus Flower" dance. Funniest thing I've seen across any genre in years, I mean he has to have a sense of humour to send up the earnest, tortured artist in such spectacular fashion... Erm....mustn't he ???

Scryst said...

Loling at this piece and Mr Von Pips comment.

I'm still waiting for Radiohead to get dressed up like Queen in their I Want To Break Free video.

I hear its coming with their next album and their new cross dressing direction.

The Worship track is awesome by the way!