Friday, 20 April 2012

Crybaby - When The Lights Go Out (Video)

We started the week with Danny Coughlan aka Crybaby and so as we draw toward its close we’re going to finish with him as well.

Filmed in the tropical environs of Weston-Super-Mare this is the video for his new single When the Lights Go Out, taken from the romantically brilliant eponymous album. Is it too early to start suggesting a Mercury 2012 nomination for this record? Maybe that’s a little over enthusiastic, but why not? A great song needs a great tune and Crybaby has an abundance of them, not only musically but with his turn of phrase that makes simple details sound so wonderful.  “Plucking at your heart strings rattling their cages, butterfingered lovers ripping out the pages,” he croons. It’s gorgeous stuff.  “We trace her steps across linoleum in kitten heels,” is another one. It evokes a sense of reality and romance all at the same time.

It’s record store day this weekend. Sure, go and queue for all those limited edition vinyl goodies, but whilst you’re there grab yourself a copy of the Crybaby LP. You won’t regret it if you're a fan of sad but beautiful songs, or even just fine music. Here's the video, which despite the comedy animal costume is full of the sad stillness of being lonely.

Crybaby - When The Lights Go Out (Video)

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