Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Victoria - Crossfire (Video)

Victoria can be a lot of things; a girl’s name, a lake, a city, even a now defunct German motorcycle. But this isn’t a blog about girls, lakes, cities or motorbikes, although blogs probably exist for all of these things. Sometimes they even collide head on. You might find a girl writing a blog about German motorbikes.

But this is a music blog and therefore we are interested in the music of Victoria who we first introduced in March 2012 (although they made a fleeting appearance the year before in a different guise, but you’ll have to do your own detective work on that one if you’re interested.)

Now the band has released a new song via You Tube, cropping up first on the ever excellent Killing Moon Ltd website. Crossfire is a riotous smack of a tune that drawls its way across a soundscape of warped electronica, noisy guitars and thwacking drums that makes us think of the likes of Kasabian, Interpol  and The Big Pink for starters. “You said I’m the only one,” snarls their lead singer with menace and swagger. This is edgy, snarly indie rock music with a very satisfying bite. Hail Victoria.

Victoria - Crossfire (Video)


Chris said...

Was gonna comment earlier, but, weren't they called "Hail Victoria"?

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Nope they've always been Victoria (that is from when they changed their name from Te.... oh almost gave that one away) it's just that some of their accounts (such as You Tube) are called Hail Victoria as obviously Victoria is a popular name and already taken.