Friday, 27 April 2012

Violet - I Come Undone

It’s two weeks since our first date with Violet, the band fronted by model, Sloane, fashionista and celebrity daughter Pixie Geldof. This was, we should hasten to add, not an actual date where we went for a meal, traded stories about our travels, regaled each other with embarrassing tales about our lives and then went ‘back for coffee’ round Pixie’s house, but a musical one in a London pub. Pixie sang, we watched, listened and were more than reasonably impressed. In fact we were impressed enough to feature her group as a new wave on the blog, albeit with a song that was, quite frankly, less than average. Today that changes.

Because we’re off on another date, of the internet kind and this time we’re staying for coffee and having breakfast the next morning as well. It’s all because of I Come Undone, a sweeping kiss of a song that possesses the sad desolate yet soothing sound that wouldn’t be out of place on a soundtrack to the likes of Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive. Geldof’s vocals are full of restraint, the guitars and drums seductive enough to make you forget about the celebrity associations of the performer. Preconceptions are completely banished.

Violet release Y.O.U (the half-baked song) and I Come Undone (the excellent song) through Luv Luv Luv on May 7th and play some support shows with Spector in Manchester, Cambridge, Bristol, Cardiff, London and Nottingham next month. They also play at Brighton’s Great Escape festival at The Haunt on the 10th May.

Violet - I Come Undone

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