Thursday, 26 April 2012

Maker - Missing (Cave Painting Remix)

“When all is said and done, touch me while I’m young,” may be one of the most shoulder-raising eye-screwing uncomfortably strange lyrics you’ll hear on a song on Breaking More Waves, but feature it we did. The lyric in question is from Missing a song by Brighton’s Maker who first came to our (and quite possibly your) attention at the start of February.

Now the band have got all remixed by Cave Painting and the result is one of those times where, whatever your thoughts on remixes you have to admit that the result is pretty creamy. Sounding stripped and vulnerable the minimalist touch to the first half of the track is spaciously simple before Cave Painting beat things up with percussion, handclaps and odd organ stabs. Nice.

Maker - Missing (Cave Painting Remix) (Free Download)

1 comment:

Scryst said...

Beautiful remix - but yes the lyrics are just a bit wrong.