Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ronika - Automatic (Video)

The last time we featured Ronika on the blog we made some comments about the heights of pop stars and suggested that she is pretty tiny. We have since been corrected and can now 100% confirm that Ronika is in fact a very tall lady standing a long way away.

So whilst we’re waiting for her to get closer, why not take a look at her new (ish) video. It was actually released on March 27, which was a whole two weeks ago, so consider us a huge failure in terms of being an on-the-case new music blogger, but the way we figure it is that this video has had just over 3000 views so far - that leaves over 7 billion potential viewers worldwide waiting to be informed about Ronika’s incredible surfing ability that you will see demonstrated in the film.

This blog is called Breaking More Waves. The title is something to do with our location near the sea and our love of it plus the ebb and flow of the tide of music that surfs, breaks and sometimes crashes. This video was absolutely made for this blog. It even shares our same hi-tech hi-art visual design concepts that make this blog and this video one of the most revolutionary and visually stunning you will ever see. Honestly.

Ronika plays the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, London tonight and supports Little Boots live return at Xoyo, London on the 4th May. 

Ronika - Automatic (Video)

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