Monday, 16 April 2012

Queen Of Hearts - Neon (Lightwaves Remix)

Here’s something about the way we run Breaking More Waves. We’ve talked about this before but sometimes things need reinforcement. We’re a fan blog. We’re not a blog that’s trying to earn money. We’re not about posting the latest buzz band with no thought just to get lots of hits and ‘likes’ on Facebook (we don’t even have Facebook). We’re not aspiring to anything else - a career in the music industry for example. We're not an industry insider. We’re just like you – a fan of music. Only we think (often mistakenly) that everyone should like the music we like. It’s why we write a blog – to tell people about that music. 

Some of that music is by unsigned artists, some by artists on indie labels, some of it on major labels.  If the artist is indie or major doesn’t concern us. We just like to tell you what we like, discuss it a little, maybe provide some context, analysis or description, have some fun with it, sometimes make a few analogies to sex, relationships and food, tell you how it makes us feel and that’s about it. Along the way through this blog we’ve made some great real life friends (not internet friends) had the opportunity to attend gigs and festivals without paying a penny (which still feels such an alien and almost unjustifiable concept to us), judged the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition, been featured in the national press and radio and even be called a ‘tastemaker’. Weird.

However, what this blog is and always will be about is being a fan of music.

It’s why when we find an artist we love we will post as many times as possible about them, in our own small way trying to support what they do and get their music out there. The artists that we write about often pretty much define Breaking More Waves.

Queen of Hearts is one such artist. We’re into double figures with the number of times we’ve featured her. We posted her new song Neon last week, it’s 100% ear sex and confirms that 2012 is the year of the queen.

Lightwaves is the DJ / production project of Jan Rosenfeld, the singer with Yes Giantess, who was another of our ear-sex bands (before they split).

Put Queen of Hearts and Lightwaves together and what do you have? Double ear-sex? Double penetration? It’s certainly the antidote to all of that banging each other into oblivion that we talked about last week. Lightwaves remix gives Neon a subtler but funky turn on the dancefloor, a post-coital embrace perhaps? It's free to download now.

Queen Of Hearts - Neon (Lightwaves Remix)

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Anonymous said...

Bloody love this - it's gorgeous.