Monday, 23 April 2012

Louise & The Pins - Falsest Start

The phrase ‘effortlessly beautiful’ is one that crops up every now and then in music writing. We may have even used it ourselves once in a while. Yet the phrase implies laziness – a characteristic that maybe we wouldn’t associate as a particularly good one. Yet there really is no other way of describing Falsest Start by Louise and the Pins other than ‘effortlessly beautiful.’ It really is. And if this is the sound of laziness, it’s only lazy because Louise sings of a relationship unraveling and that she doesn’t want to fight for it.  “Try if you can just to hurt my heart, you and me babe were the falsest start, now I’ve got nothing to lose,” she dejectedly sings.

To think that this song is only a B-Side (to Bell Jar, out now, which we featured here) says an awful lot about the quality of the songs that Louise and the Pins have to offer. We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again, this is effortlessly beautiful.

Louise & The Pins - Flasest Start

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