Tuesday, 17 April 2012

PartyClub - New Waves

A couple of days ago we tweeted a link to a perky piece of pop music masquerading as an indie song called Young & Free. It’s a tune so playful, so rapturously happy sounding that if it didn’t raise your spirits a little you are most certainly dead to joy forever. It came from York band PartyClub (pedantic types please say nothing about the lack of a space in between the y and C, it’s meant to be that way and any attempt to critique the appearance of the grammar misses the central thing here – the song). Anyway one quick 140 character reference point didn’t seem enough, so here’s a post of 260 words.

Like all great music that celebrates the joy of youth from Alright by Supergrass back to Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy by The Tams, PartyClub’s sound makes every floor seem sprung with energy and the rest of future life seem irrelevant. The band themselves describe it as indiebounce (again no space grammar freaks – get over it) a tag that it’s impossible to disagree with.

The zingy effervescence doesn’t stop with Young & Free either. Another older track Our Path spasms like someone’s shoved a bunch of ice cubes down your pants, whilst Shake will get you doing exactly that. Serious muso times who only listen to Radiohead etc will hate it, but those who sometimes just want to jump up and down on their bed and sing a long with a hairbrush will love it. Find these songs on the bands Soundcloud (here)

Young & Free was released yesterday through itunes (buy here) and is the York 4-piece’s debut. It’s also picking up some valuable airtime through Radio 1’s BBC Introducing playlist slot. Enjoy Young &  Free – it’s the sound of indie music feeling the sunshine.

PartyClub - Young And Free

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