Friday, 13 April 2012

Queen Of Hearts - Neon

OK. Let’s take a deep breath. Keep calm everyone, because this is the new single by Queen of Hearts.

We’ve ‘embedded’ her quite a few times before on Breaking More Waves and even named her as one of our Ones to Watch for 2012.

Now the great jury of electro-pop has returned and has delivered its verdict on this new song.


And they charge the queen with being guilty of producing the hottest, sexiest, vampiest, pulsing piece of electro pop of 2012 so far. A while back we described another electronic act Curxes as ‘the sound of robots f*cking’. Neon is the moment where the robots grow skin, grow that little bit softer, grow that little bit more sensual, but still want to bang each other into oblivion on the dance floor.

Although we’ve pretty much loved everything Queen Of Hearts has done to date, this is the best yet. Utterly amazing.

We’re going for a lay down, this is all getting too much.

Queen Of Hearts releases Neon on the 14th May alongside another song Tears In The Rain via ATG Records. Put it in your diary now.

Queen Of Hearts - Neon

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Scryst said...

Yes ! Agree best thing she's done so far.