Monday, 26 November 2012

Embers - Hollow Cage (Live)

Yesterday a small corner of the internet started talking about a band that we had long forgotten. That band was Chichester’s finest; Hope of the States (apologies to The Smoke Fairies and Antony of Antony & The Johnsons who are all certainly up there on the winners rostrum).

The reason? Because of this new song from Manchester’s Embers. Hollow Cage is a grandiose and ear shattering seven minutes worth of drama recorded live in a Manchester monastery. If it wasn’t such a cliché we would be using the words sonic cathedral of sound (oh sh*t we just did) to describe this monumental piece of music. Harvesting the intensity, texture and cinematic soundscapes of Hope of the States at their finest, albeit without the somewhat acquired taste vocals of Sam Herlihy, Embers sweep you up and take you on a journey into oblivion with this, their best work to date. Watch the video below and grab a free download of the live take from the Soundcloud player.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been naming our fifteen Ones to Watch for 2013. If we could sneak in a sixteenth it would be Embers. Have this band not been signed yet? They really should be. They deserve the chance to make a mind blowing album.

Embers - Hollow Cage (Live) (Video)

Embers - Hollow Cage from Embers on Vimeo.

Embers - Hollow Cage (Live) Audio Download

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