Wednesday, 28 November 2012

IYES - New Waves

Here’s a confession. This is only the fourth blog post we’ve written in over two and a half weeks. Yes, we know it looked like we’ve been posting our Ones to Watch 2013 series daily, but the reality is that they were written about a month ago with some minor tweaking closer to the date as events changed; damn you Gabrielle Aplin for unexpectedly announcing and then releasing The Power of Love and double-damn you Saving Grace for changing your name to Chasing Grace just a day or so before your feature was scheduled to upload.

However despite our lack of spontaneous posting, we do believe there’s something to be said for being instinctive. Yes, there’s a strong argument that it’s better to give careful consideration and time to the music before posting about it, to ensure the quality remains high and that the content of the blog post is well thought out / researched, rather like going out with someone for six months before deciding that they were ‘right’ enough to have sex with. (Regular readers please note, that was our first sex / relationship to music analogy on the blog for half a month. We've been slacking / losing our touch.)

But there’s also something pretty damn exciting about some kid in his bedroom, hearing something on his laptop, falling in love with it and immediately posting it on his blog. It’s like meeting someone on a night out and before the evening is over some hot rampant coitus is occurring. Sure it may not last, but in reality how many relationships (music or people) really last? The here and now is just as important as the future. That's the essence of much great pop music - if it's all over-intellectualised it ends up being a bit like most jazz - wanky and up its own arse.

So here’s a track that we heard about twenty minutes ago and now we’re writing about it. But because of the way this blog works with not too many posts each day and the posts scheduled (unless we get really carried away with excitement) for standard pre-set times, what you’re seeing / hearing here was produced quite a few days after we first got fired up about it. But ultimately you don't care about the process of how the music gets to you do you ? You just want good music.

This is a new band called IYES. We know this much about them.

1. IYES are a duo called Josh and Melis from Brighton, UK, just down the road from where Breaking More Waves is based.

2. We assume their name is pronounced ‘eyes’ rather than ‘I yes’ but stand to be corrected.

3. They played their first ever gig at Brighton’s The Haunt supporting Citizens! just a few days ago.

4. We’re not sure if their name is IYES or Iyes but we think IYES looks better, don’t you?

5. They describe themselves as indie-electronic.

6. Their debut song Lighthouse sounds very indebted to The XX with some slightly blissful, slightly wonky but more than slightly spellbinding electronic sounds layered over the top.

7. Even though it sounds a lot like The XX (a good thing) Lighthouse sounds very good on its own merits as well.

8. There’s some lyrics about the sea, the ocean and the water which is nearly always a winner with Breaking More Waves.

9. They really are very very new having birthed themselves just a few weeks ago.

Fancy some musical coitus anyone ? Well on our first date we’d say yes to IYES.

IYES - Lighthouse

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