Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Celestial Trax - 1994

Here’s something we don’t normally ask you to do. It’s to ignore the first twenty five seconds of this new tune by Celestial Trax. Why? Because quite simply it’s rubbish; it’s got one of those slow-mo vocal sounds that probably sounds fornicatingly fantastic when you’re out of your mind on drugs in some trendy East-London underground club, but anywhere else just sounds a bit silly.

But get past the intro (with the exception of a second off your tits vocal interlude around the two minutes thirty mark) and what you’re left with is one of those seductive jams that doesn’t really go anywhere and doesn’t really do anything, but still sounds lazily sexy. It would be easy to criticise 1994 as being doped-up electro-muzak, but that misses the point. Not every tune should be about melody, sometimes it’s good to have something to put on repeat, let it play over and over and lose yourself in its wash. This is our favourite drug, it’s called music.

1994 is the sound of crawling into bed with your lover at dawn and knowing that what happens next is going to be languidly sweet. For more Celestial Trax find our previous blog post here, or an albums worth of material here.

Celestial Trax - 1994

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