Thursday, 19 May 2011

Kyla La Grange - Been Better

Kyla La Grange, who we first came across in March last year, may have started out as a gentle acoustic folk chanteuse but is rapidly transforming into a nicotine-stained, ballsy riffing rock chick. This is a singer who knows what she wants and knows where she’s going. “Tell me none of your longings, I don’t need them, or you,” she sweetly rasps at the beginning of Been Better – her new single - before the song marches into war ready to breach fortifications. “I’ve been better when the sky was red and a face like yours couldn’t make me scared, I’ve been better with the things I’ve said, when I took the lead instead of being led,” Kyla hollers as guitars become blood-drawing weapons of music in the chorus. This is vigorous and commanding stuff from the ex-Watford lass, full of fiery passion and power.

Kyla La Grange is out on tour supporting Wolf Gang in May / June before she plays a number of festival shows including Lounge on the Farm, Summer Sundae, Secret Garden Party and Bestival. We’ll certainly be catching her dramatic sound somewhere in a field this summer. Been Better by Kyla La Grange will be released on 7” and download through Chess Club on July 11.

Been Better by kylalagrange


spandeliza said...

what a riff

Anonymous said...

awesome - as always