Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Saturday Surf #3

It seems highly appropriate that the picture you see above was taken in Brighton, for right now that’s where we are soaking up the vast expanse of new music on offer at the Great Escape Festival 2011. A review (of sorts) will follow early next week.

Until we return, let’s dip our toes into a just a small handful of tracks that kissed our ears in the days between last Saturday and when we left for Brighton, but didn’t quite make it onto a full post on Breaking More Waves – and this time we unravel some new sexy synthtopia and computer love-making.

Earlier this week we introduced a new prince and princess of dark electronic music – the magnificent Curxes. Since we featured their music they’ve uploaded two new songs online. Here’s one of them. Creatures pays particular homage to Depeche Mode with its sinister synths and clanking industrial rhythms, but the vocals are strident female ones rather than the mournful baritone of Dave Gahan. It will be self-released on tenth June along with another song Jaws which you can hear on the bands Soundcloud.

Creatures by CURXES

Moving on from a prince and princess to the queen herself, Queen of Hearts is a Breaking More Waves favourite and this bootleg/rework of Daft Punk's End Of The Line from the Tron soundtrack not only cements and power floats our love for her but has us falling on our knees in front of her, begging for more like a fanboy.

Queen of Hearts v Daft Punk - The End Of Nothing by Queen Of Hearts

Our final track is a remix from mystery electronic pop mischiefs Just A Number 05272011. The internet continues to be full of speculation as to who / where / what the band are and holds its collective breath to see if anything of significance happens on the 27 May. Until then however they’ve sneaked out this remix of He Didn’t Want A Lovesong which just adds to the anticipation.

He Didn't Want A Lovesong (sff vms Remix) by Just a number 05272011

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