Thursday, 22 April 2010

Yuck - Suicide Policeman

One of the people pictured above is not in the band Yuck. Can you guess which one ?

Since Yuck first appeared on the musical radar with the exquisite torch song Automatic and the manic fuzz-pop of Georgia there has been a small storm brewing around the band, with Breaking More Waves being just one blog getting a tiny bit excited about them (here). Now the group have released a new song, which you can download from the Yuck blog. With Suicide Policeman, Yuck produce a third string to their bow; a soft, wistful tune that has subtle washes of county-pop, Simon & Garfunkel and captures the mood of laid-back indie sounds from The Pastels to earlier Belle and Sebastian. Hushed tender-hearted vocals sing “I just want to let you know I could be your suicide policeman, don’t you go till my eyes have left your face,” and we’re immediately transported to a lazy, cigarette stained Sunday morning. With boy-girl harmonies and a drifting slacker sound its a peaceful moment in the day.

If you want to hear Suicide Policeman live, Yuck are out all over the UK playing gigs with Japandroids and Times New Viking. They also have a number of festival slots including Camden Crawl, Dot To Dot and Latitude lined up. In the meantime click on the link above to take you to the Yuck blog and get the download.

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