Thursday, 1 April 2010

Besti-Bod / DJ Hojo Hits

So depending on where you are in the world, the time for April Fool fun may still be with you or may have gone. Hope you enjoyed the Romanian Harvest film we put up earlier.

In a break from the norm we don’t have a ‘proper’ music blog today. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. Instead we are going to refer you to another blog, that of our favourite UK festival – Bestival. This year a DJ collective known as DJ Hojo Hits and the Bestival Forum All-Stars will be taking to the Bestival stage, flying from all parts of the world (well, Texas, Scotland and the Isle of Wight at least) for a unique performance. Also jumping up to play will be eighties pop legend Howard Jones whose name and music ‘inspired’ DJ Hojo Hits. And who is DJ Hojo Hits ? Well, there is a very close relationship with this blog.

So for now, skip on over to the Bestival Blog and see who is this weeks ‘Besti-Bod’ by clicking here. All will become clear. There's also further info in a small feature here courtesy of Strong Island.

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