Saturday, 10 April 2010

Gold Panda - You

When the BBC Sound Of 2010 list was published at the beginning of the year, as usual the critical negatives waded in with their usual “What a load of rubbish,” comments. But once the cynics had gone away and you took a step back and looked at the full list of nominations, it was possible to see that not only had it picked up on acts that had a high chance of commercial success such as Ellie Goulding, but had brought attention to some of the most exciting underground musical acts around today. The act who really stood out for Breaking More Waves was Gold Panda, who had caught our ears with his sliced up laptop samples on his mini album Before and his crackling cartoonish Quitters Raga. We’d managed to check him out live (here) and featured him as a new wave (here). His disjointed laptop romancing appealed to our inner geek.

Now Gold Panda is back with a new single entitled You. It very much continues where Quitters Raga left off but with less crackles and mess. If anything it feels taughter, tighter and sharper than Quitters Raga, and whilst that track very much fell into the category of 'dance music for hip beard-strokers that you can’t really dance to', we can almost wiggle and sway a little to You. We’re thinking the word here is “Tune!” Take this one out. You can purchase You here

You by Gold Panda

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