Sunday 19 March 2017

New Music: Vallis Alps - East

Streaming is changing the musical landscape in many ways. The old rules simply don’t apply any more. Or do they? If one of the new rules is to keep musical narrative constantly moving, not fading away, to keep pushing out new releases / content as quickly as possible and that constant flow of storey will help drive your streaming statistics upwards, then Australian duo Vallis Alps aren’t playing by those rules. 

With their debut EP released in January 2015, it’s taken nearly 28 months before a second EP is ready. Fable will be out on 31st March and from it comes East, an opulent electronic pop jam that will have you playing air-synth to the max. Of course, I’m pretty certain the band haven’t just been sitting round on their arses all that time basking in the internet success of their debut. For a start, they’ve been playing some sell out shows all over the world (I was lucky enough to catch one of their slots at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival last year) and they’re out touring again right now, bringing their beautiful crystalline pop to the US, Canada and Australia. Sadly, no UK shows yet, so those of us in that part of the world will have to continue to hope. In the meantime listen to the ravishing computerisations of East.

Update: A UK show at London's Omeara has now been confirmed for 30 Aug 2017.

Vallis Alps - East

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