Thursday 16 March 2017

New Music: Cabbage - Gibraltar Ape (Video)

I like Cabbage. If only for the reason that they’re one of those British bands that annoy a certain sort of ‘serious music fan’. ('Serious music fans' are almost inevitably the worst sort of music fans – they’re blinkered to the point of only ever being able to see things from their perspective. They're possibly only beaten by the 'fans of real music' although often the two are the same - 'real music' fans are usually detected using words like 'honest' and 'authentic' and 'guitar' quite a bit. )

Why do they annoy the serious music fan? First of all there’s the name. Serious music fans can never take a band called Cabbage seriously, because of the name. But that’s kind of the point of the name isn’t it? Most band names are, when you really think about it, a ridiculous concept. Cabbage make that point by their own monicker.

Then there is the music and the videos. Because there’s some humour within. And humour is generally a no-go area for the serious music fan – for music is art and art can only be considered worthy if deep and meaningful and er.....serious.

Finally, there’s the bath. Cabbage have already done the ‘promo pic in the bath’. They wasted no time. Serious music fans tend to think such promo is juvenile and delinquent.

Here’s the new video from Cabbage for their song Gibraltar Ape. It features a beer drinking cigarette smoking monkey, Cabbage giving their verdict on The Sun newspaper (who they have previously slated online), a nice horse and a punch to the face by the urinals. Gibraltar Ape is also a weirdly infectious whine of a song. Serious music fans look away now. The rest of us, let's get along with embracing all sorts of music, ideas and concepts and have some fun.

Cabbage - Gibraltar Ape (Video)

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