Monday 6 March 2017

New Music: alt-J - 3WW

With modern pop music ever increasingly written to a safe commercial formula (Ed Sheeran being the latest culprit) we need bands like alt-J more than ever. Returning from exile the now three piece have today released 3WW (which stands for three worn words rather than world wide web) and it sounds like nothing else that any contemporary indie, pop or rock band is doing. 

Floating in at 5 minutes long and with Ellie Rowsell from Wolf Alice helping out with vocals, 3WW’s slow spliffy beat reminds me a little of Massive Attack’s Teardrops, overlain with a country sigh and a hint of the trippy ambience of The Doors. It’s pastoral dark folk music with a certain rawness. And what are the three worn words? I’m guessing they’re 'I love you': “I just want to love you in my own language,” the band sing at a number of points through the song.

This is a wonderful low-key and tender return. 3WW is the sound of a band not compromising, challenging themselves and creating something of real value, irrespective of its commercial appeal.

The song is taken from the band’s third album Relaxer, which was recorded in London with producer Charlie Andrew at the helm again. The album will be released on 9th June. The band play the O2 Arena in London on 16th June and a whole string of festival dates through the summer.

alt-J - 3WW

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