Friday 24 March 2017

New Music: Introducing - Jesse Elvis

Sometimes in pop music it’s easy to forget that if the basics are good then your music will find an audience. I’d be very surprised if London’s Jesse Elvis doesn’t find that audience. 

First take his voice; warm, soulful and with some range. Then there’s the song. After putting out a number of mash ups and covers on You Tube, this debut proper is impeccable. Paint The Picture has the blues, the groove and a sense of smooth calm that gets under the skin. 

Then there’s the video. I must have watched it fifty times today. The concept is so simple, but it works. A one take, slow motion, reversed piece set in an old industrial yard with fireworks, coloured smoke and paint, it’s bewitching in its simplicity.

Signed to Radio 1/1Xtra DJ, Charlie Sloth’s label, Grimey Limey, Jesse has been making music from a young age, sucking up influences such as Little Richard, Elvis, Notorious B.I.G, DMX and Aaliyah and is also influenced by jungle, grime and garage. 

This is pretty special. Time to take notice of Jesse Elvis.

Jesse Elvis - Paint The Picture (Video)

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