Friday 3 March 2017

New Music: Lucy Rose (ft The Staves) Floral Dresses (Video)

I heard a rumour a while ago that Lucy Rose had thought about giving up music. Thankfully, if it was true, she hasn’t. Floral Dresses, a new song, is one of her most reflective and melancholy moments to date and it’s also one of her most beautiful. It’s a hymn to being yourself, despite what people think, no matter who they are. Against a simple strummed acoustic guitar Lucy sings of how she didn’t want to be like the person she’s addressing (her mother perhaps?) wearing floral dresses, painting her lips and wearing diamond necklaces and the disapproving looks she received because of it, before explaining that even now, as she’s got older, she’s still the same person, even if the person she’s singing to might have thought she’d change. Add in The Staves to soothe you further with their tones and what you have is Lucy Rose at her plaintive best.

Lucy Rose (ft. The Staves) - Floral Dresses (Video)

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