Saturday 18 March 2017

New Music: Introducing - Emma Dewing

With a touch of early Marina & The Diamonds, Regina Spektor and a hint of Sia in her sound, relative newcomer Emma Dewing pushes all the right buttons on er….Buttons. Mixing vaudeville piano theatricality and pop hooks it’s not the Californian’s debut tune, but the first one that’s connected with me. (You can listen to her cover of Don’t Cry by Guns N Roses and another song Beautiful Mess over on her Soundcloud by clicking here). 

Having started as a professional ballerina Emma made the transition to choreography and teaching after a bad injury ruined her career at an early age. Clearly multi-talented (she also teaches yoga as well as making music and the dancing), Emma’s probably the only musician I’ve featured on Breaking More Waves that can easily stand on her toes and also raise one leg above her head whilst standing on the other. To see more of Emma’s impressive flexible body skills, have a look at her Instagram, whilst listening to Buttons below.

Emma Dewing - Buttons


Unknown said...

Wow - what a talent. The GNR cover is stunning.

Unknown said...
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