Thursday 30 March 2017

New Music: Introducing - Mulàn

How do you like your funk? If you like it served on a seismic plate of Jai-Paul like electronic steaminess with a big whack of Prince in the vocal delivery, then relative newcomers Mulàn are going to get you very hot, not just under the collar, but everywhere. After listening to this a couple of times even my knees were sweating. Debut track Night released last year and newbie Done, released today, are pull up to the bumper grinders. You have been warned.

So what else can I tell you about Mulàn? Pretty much nothing. The blurb sent accompanying their music was simply a statement from the band (I’m assuming they are a band as that is what I’ve been told): "We know it’s been a while, I've been waiting for the right time to say this. We’re done, I'm done.” And then there’s a reference to 199.3 fm. It’s a while since we’ve had a ‘mystery act’ on the blog. I thought that idea had died a death. But I’m letting Mulàn off the hook because Done really is off the hook.

Mulàn - Done

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