Wednesday 1 March 2017

New Music: Introducing - Bokito

Back in 2008 when it seemed that indie guitar music had ran out of steam and pairs of skinny jeans, Vampire Weekend was a shining light, mixing afro-pop with more traditional indie sounds to create something effervescent, exciting and engaging. They brought a freshness to a dated scene.

Now, nearly 10 years on from the cardigan wearing Ivy League graduates debut, here’s a band from London fronted by a bearded man named Moses Moorhouse from Ireland, who come from a similar musical place. They have a very simple statement on their Facebook page: “We’ll make you dance”. 

On their song, Better At Getting Worse, the only track on their Soundcloud, they definitely have the recipe to make that mission statement a possibility. Part of the ingredients is that same chirpy afro-pop jitter that Vampire Weekend used, but added to that are plenty of retro organ sounds and Moorhouse’s unusual vocal which reminds me a little of Jonathan Higgs of Everything Everything with a more rasping tone. Apparently he's quite a mover on stage as well. 

Put all those musical components together and what have you got? A potential party in waiting, that's what. And all of this from a band that appear to be named after a famous gorilla. You can catch them at this year's Great Escape Festival in Brighton in May.

Bokito - Better At Getting Worse

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