Thursday 2 March 2017

New Music: Lorde - Green Light (Video)

If you have even the most passing interest in pop music you’ll have probably heard Green Light, the new Lorde song, the first from her second (not bloody sophomore if you’re from the UK please) album. But just in case you haven’t or you want to compare your opinion with mine, which often these days is what reviews of well known artists songs are for, this post is especially for you.

First things first. It’s a banger. A big pop banger with proper house pianos that heads directly for the dancefloor. It’s surprisingly mainstream sounding, insofar as whilst Lorde’s first album was hugely popular, it had her own USP lyrically, musically and vocally. This, in theory, could be a song that a whole bunch of pop stars could have sung whereas the likes of Royals could only have been Lorde.

But here’s the important point. If Lorde had just come back with another version of Royals it would have started to get a bit boring. It would have been like hanging around lazily in her back yard all summer and then when autumn came around you were still there; it would still be fun, but not as fun as it was. And a bit colder. If you were still there by winter you’d be grabbing your coat and heading home. You might not be back again. Green Light however is Lorde saying ‘f*ck this, it’s boring, let’s do some shots and go out all night clubbing, right now.’ Which is good, because it takes the relationship in a different direction and keeps things interesting. If you ever want an example of an artist or band just staying in the backyard forever, listen to each Oasis album in order of release and see if you can make it to the end.

So it’s Lorde. But it’s not old Lorde. It’s new Lorde. Which is good Lorde. 

I reckon she'd be a lot of fun to go clubbing with.

Lorde - Green Light (Video)

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