Monday 13 March 2017

New Music: Introducing - Kings

Kings probably isn’t the easiest band name to Google (but fair play to these guys for at least not calling themselves Kiingz or some equally preposterous search engine optimised name) so I don’t have a lot to tell you about this four-piece from Guernsey, except that they’re consist of Eli Crossan on vocals, Jamie Wickenden on drums, Liam Inder on bass and Casey-Joe Rumenson on guitar and that they describe their music as pop songs wearing Doc Martens.

As a big advocate of both pop songs and DM boots they already had me with just those words, but that description is surprisingly accurate. For Drowning, their debut independently released single is an odd but delightful mix of ambient boy band pop song and 1980’s teen movie power chord rocker. Think The 1975 at their most mellow getting into a boxing ring with Queen’s Brian May. Yes, the big reach the sky guitar solo is in full effect here. Add in a very slickly produced black and white video which is way better than some of the half-arsed output from major labels these days and you’ve got a lesson in how to put out a debut single. An impressive start. Check out Drowning below.

Kings - Drowning

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