Wednesday 29 March 2017

New Music: Hazel English - Fix (Video)

I’ve already featured the Hazel English song Fix on the blog back in 2015 where I called it ‘a melancholy anthem for every teenager sat in their bedroom.’ I should, at the risk of having come across as archly elitist, also explain that it’s absolutely perfect for anyone to listen to this tune, whoever or wherever they are. Middle aged moms and dads with three kids down at the supermarket? Yep, come on in. Old aged pensioners having tea and biscuits? Join the crew. Young graffiti dudes down and the skate park? You're invited as well. Someone working in a car manufacturing plant in Asia? Most certainly. 

Let’s not ever forget that music is one of the most universal languages we have. It doesn’t matter that Hazel is based in Oaklands, California. She speaks to me in Southsea, Portsmouth, UK. As Hazel herself has said of her music: “Something I made had an impact on somebody else – that blows my mind. Actually having a conversation with someone who loves my music, that means a lot to me. Suddenly it’s not just a number, it’s a physical person standing in front of me that’s getting something out of this.” 

I get this completely. It’s one thing discovering an artist via the internet, but another thing watching them play live. Luckily, I got that opportunity last year when Hazel came to the UK. If you missed her then, there are some more opportunities coming up as she plays Brighton’s Great Escape Festival as well as dates in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Bristol in May. Go see her, connect not just with her, but other people in the audience. It's this real life interaction that makes the world a better place. (Did I suggest this in the last post I wrote? Forgive me if I'm repeating myself. It's important.)

But before that there’s a new video for the song, which is as irresistibly romantic as you could hope for. It's to help promote her forthcoming release which will compile her debut EP alongside six new songs to create her first full length LP release.

However, a word of warning, we’ve talked about our concerns for Hazel’s lack of health and safety before in this blog post (here). Now she’s at it again; right from the get go she has us worried. Reading whilst walking up a staircase? Hurtling along in shopping trolley with seemingly no risk assessment or protective clothing? Playing with guns? (Watch the video to see her lethal weapon of choice). But at least she has the decency to wear a crash helmet on a motorbike. That’s a start.

So, in summary. Hazel English. A+ for the music. D- for the health and safety. There’s a quote her press agent won’t be using.

Hazel English - Fix (Video)

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